Roosted over the Teesta valley neighboring Mahananda Natural life Safe-haven is a beautiful villa called, Mongpong. Situated on a 45min driving distance on NH31 from the clamoring city Siliguri along the bank of thundering Waterway Teesta, Mongpong is viewed as the passage of dooars. In spite of the fact that it is an exceptionally curious spot having just couple of shops, hovels and a woods really look at post, yet it sure doesn't need regular magnificence. Mongpong is known for its wonderful scene of the Teesta Stream, overwhelming mountains and rich woodlands, which has drawn in numerous vacationers venturing out to Dooars towards it. The amazing sight of thundering Teesta Waterway as it frees itself at Mongpong in the wake of outstanding confined by steep rocks all through its 200 odd Km venture from the snow-covered pile of Sikkim has left numerous explorers wonder roused.

Vacationer Interest Point in Mongpong: Enriched with lively widely varied vegetation due its vicinity with Mahananda Untamed life Safe-haven Mongpong has entrapped the core of numerous nature lovers heading out to Dooars. The excursion towards this nature blessed place is a remarkable involvement with itself. The pictorial perspective on changing vegetation while passing through the snow capped woods and joined by the thundering waterway Teesta to arrive at Mongpong is a visual treat for the eyes of the sightseers. There are numerous pleasant objections around Mongpong which might publicity the interest of sightseers. Found 7 kilometers in front of Mongpong is one of most seasoned and rumored tea nursery of Dooars, Washabari. Vacationers might take an exceptional consent from the nursery chief to visit the nursery including the tea creation office at the Tea processing plant. Somewhat further from Washabari is Leesh Waterway sited in the midst of the grand slopes spotted with thick timberland. The bank of stream Leesh is an ideal spot for excursion for the vacationer making a trip to Mongpong during winter season. The lower muddy place that is known for Safe-haven establishes an optimal climate for holding onto a wide assortment of avifauna like the motor-mouths, wagtails, honey bee eaters, swallows, sun birds, rollers, robins, fly catchers, thrush, drongo, kites, falcons, hornbills, orioles, peacock, fouls, egrets, ruler fisher, wood pickers and a lot seriously making Mongpong birding heaven for devoted bird watchers. A journey across the lavish Sal backwoods encasing Mongpong to see the terrific vista of Teesta Bowl has become one of the popular open air exercises for the traveler visiting Mongpong. Watching the thundering stream teesta wandering through the uneven valley specked with lavish high timberland with the background perspective on snow covered fort from Mongpong has left numerous voyagers enchanted by the dreamlike excellence which Dooars offers. Sited over the Teesta Valley close to the Mahananda Untamed life Asylum is Mongpong, which has turned into the place of refuge for the vacationer who needs to track down isolation a long way from the chafing swarm while restoring themselves with the serenity of sustaining Mother earth. From seeing thundering stream Teesta to journey to the rich Sal timberland the hypnotizing appeal of Mongpong has made it a should visit objective for the nature darlings going to Dooars.

Immerge yourself in the quiet feel of the Mongpong which is just broken by the appealing twittering of lovely birds while lounging in the amazing vista of Eastern Himalayas approaching over the bumpy valley dabbed with elevated backwoods. Mongpong is an untainted spot where vacationer can savor the excellence of dreamlike nature while investing some quality energy with their friends and family.

Best Chance to Visit Mongpong: The magnificence of this curious villa Mongpong can be delighted in consistently however winter from Mid November to January is the viewed as the best time relish the amazing vista of Eastern Himalayas.

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