On the edge of Neora Valley Public Park, somewhat up to Rishyap and short of what one km distance away from Tabakoshi, Sunakhari is a confined town known for an extraordinary getaway destination among harmony looking for vacationers. The stunning perspective on Kanchenjunga will remain with you all the time which will genuinely make you enamored during your visit in this minuscule settlement.

What to See and Do in and around Sunakhari-

Being an odd objective, there is not a lot to do approach Sunakhari town. The town is tied in with partaking in the regular magnificence and investing some energy at recreation. Be that as it may, the accompanying things the voyagers can see and do.

Relish the stunning all encompassing perspective on the mountains and the Himalayan Reach.
Watch the exercises of the nearby residents and attempt to know the way of life and of them.
Visit Tiffin Dara Perspective in Rishop to appreciate extraordinary 360-degree landscape of the Himalayas range including the snow-clad Kanchenjunga.
Voyagers can go on a touring outing to Deolo Slope, Dr. Graham's Home, Mangal Dham, Hanuman Sanctuary, and some more.
From Sunakhari, travelers can trip to Neora Valley Public Park. The rich green trees of Neora Valley have endless wild creatures and birds. Enthusiastic Birdwatchers will genuinely very much want to visit.

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