Munsong Arranged at a rise of 5000 feet, Munsong or Mansong is a picturesque villa contiguous Kalimpong. Encircled by lush timberland and energetic cinchona manor, Munsong is just around 20 km away from Kalimpong. A long way from the rushing about of city life, Munsong offers a surprising perspective on Mt. Kanchenjunga and the all encompassing perspective on the encompassing alongside the entrancing perspective on sparkling Teesta Waterway.

Vacation destinations in and around Munsong Kalimpong-

Munsong offers vast amazements to its guests. Because of its peaceful feel and brilliant area, there are a ton of things to see in and around Munsong and they are as per the following.

An immense stretch of Cinconha Estates alongside its lively vivid blossoms.
Burmaik Mahadev Dham which is only 3 km away from Munsong Kalimpong.
Closest traveler objections like Icchegaon, Sillery Gaon, Ramdhura and so on.
The snow-crested mount Kanchenjunga and the valley of sparkling waterway Teesta.
A heavenly perspective on the lights of Darjeeling and Gangtok in the evening.
The lavish plant life and the different vegetation of the sloping valley of Munsong Kalimpong

Exercises to Do around Munsong-

Aside from unwinding and taking the delight of nature, there are a plenty of exercises should be possible here and they are as referenced underneath.

Relieve your brain and soul while savoring the excellence of the town ornamented with dynamic blossoms.
Go for traveling to find neighboring towns like Icchegaon, Sillery Gaon, Ramdhura and so on.
Take gift of Ruler Shiva by visiting Burmaik Mahadev Dham close to Munsong.
Meander around the Teesta Stream which is cutting across the valley and have an outing.
Watch the everyday exercises of the residents and the youngsters playing their number one games in the jungle gym.

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